A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 5 May 2018

The Feeling ~ Nkazimulo Mvemve

What did you do to me?
The sensuous action that you had done on me
took me to a place unimaginable.
It was one of weirdness and awkwardness
BUT I cannot deny the fact that I enjoyed it.
What did you do to me?
Placing your warm hands where I never expected
and caressing my chest like cats fur,
you took away my attention and brought a heavenly feeling upon me.
It's was like magic or getting high, it's indescribable
What did you do to me?
The fact that I still think about it and means that I cannot get over it.
The she that did wonders on me undistinguished but desirable,
rare and but expected and yet joyful and different.
What did you do to me?

©  Nkazimulo Mvemve

Grade 11 

Their Words and My Tears ~ Nkazimulo Mvemve

It saddens me to hear those words come out of someone's mouth.
Even though they might have said it without knowing it's hurts just as much.
They say don't care about what other people think ,but how am I supposed to feel if that person has a massive impact on my life.
And as if I didn't hear properly I asked if she can repeat but it was as if she really meant it.
Saying it for the second time in the same manner , it hurt even more.

I thought about it then I cried and cried and cried and cried even more , but I was never heard and I never said anything I kept the pain to myself.
All of the pain in my life I've kept to myself ,I might have told a few best friends about my problems but I don't tell them all of them.
They say you should speak to someone when you want to do something like commit suicide, but I never told them about that either, I never told anyone

I've stopped the tears for now but the words will never cease.

©  Nkazimulo Mvemve

Grade 11

Am I Better Off Without You ? ~ Nkazimulo Mvemve

To be honest I really don't know;
you've played a very important part in my life,
that whenever I think of how it would be without you
my mind will go blank.
All the things we did and all the times we spent together
feel like a very distant memory fading away day by day.
You've always brought the best out of me
and I've always brought the crazy out of you.
It's like we're perfect for each other.
It's always been that way. Nothing more nothing less.
But I can't deny the fact that it's impossible to imped the way I feel about you.
The love that I have for you.
And like an Oak seed that has been planted
my love for you slowly grew greater day by day.
Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.
All I know is that you're important to me.
Whether I'm better of without is irrelevant.

©  Nkazimulo Mvemve

Grade 11

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Enjoy The Game: 2 Poems ~ Uwais Coetzee

Enjoy the Game

I’m tired of writing depressing stuff
But I can’t write anything instead,
Because we write what we feel and I
Feel exactly what I said.
I know why I feel this way
But I can’t tell anyone why
Or rather I don’t want to
Reveal my secrets so I
Keep them bottled and say nothing
And keep quiet all the time.
I hide my secrets and stay a mystery
And tell me, is it a crime?
Is it a crime to want to hide?
Is it a crime to stay inside?
Is it a crime to change your tide
When you feel a little tired?
To be a secret and in the shadows
And never say a thing
Because we all wish for
A reality in which we cling
To the hope and aren’t hopeless,
To the life and aren’t lifeless,
To be less tired and be tireless,
To live without pain: painless.
In which we take our joys
And portray them with a scream,
Where love goes two ways
And we work as a team,
Instead of whispering our sorrows
And are silently in pain,
To move to better options
And enjoy the game.

Don’t Drop It

We choose to keep going
Like the grains of wood
Like the clouds in the sky
Like the people that could
Have survived another moment
Have survived another day
Have survived another week
If we chose not to say
What may have been the thing
That pushed them over the cliff
That sent them over the edge
But what if, what if?
What if we weren’t so angry?
What if we weren’t so mean?
What if we could have known?
What if we could have seen?
Would it have changed the way
You saw your reflection?
Would it have changed
The mass delusional deception?
That life is good
And life is nice
And blades and ropes
Wouldn’t have to suffice
In this place where
The sky is blue and birds can fly
And tears occasionally
Fall from an eye
And I am not perfect
But if I were then
Maybe I’d have saved you
From dropping your pen.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 12

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Fate's Friend: 3 Poems ~ Uwais Coetzee

Fate’s Friend

He had all the words he needed
But was silent face to face
Because the mind is virtually useless
When the heart begins to race.
She made his blood pump
And his hair stand straight
And he hoped and prayed they’d
End up together by fate.
But fate never worked like that
And fate wasn’t your friend
And if your relied solely on fate,
You’d meet an untimely end.
But one thing he knew how to do
Was poetry and how to write
And the words became his arsenal
As he slowly learned how to fight.
He stayed indoors and stayed warm
With pen and paper in hand.
And one day he mustered the strength
And slowly began to stand.
He felt powerful and invincible
And was basking in his glory
But when he looked up from his book
She was walking into another story.
He screamed and chased with tearful eyes
As she slowly walked out the gate.
Because while he was nose down in his book
She had made friends with fate.

Slow Poison

He felt it in his fingers
And the tip of his nose
And the lobes of his ears
And the webs of his toes.
In the saliva in his mouth
And the follicles of his hair
And the cracks of his skin
But she didn’t seem to care.
She never batted an eyelid
And left him with the pain
And left him all alone
Sitting in the rain.
She left him with the poison
But made sure it was slow
And as soon as it took effect
She would get up and go.
She’d fly away
Like a weddings white dove
Leaving him with the poison
But labelling it as love.


The skies were blue
But his heart was grey
This contrasting factor
Left him with nothing to say.
The thoughts, however, flowed
Through his brain at a rapid pace,
Like “what if?” and “why me?”
Left tears rolling down his face.
They dripped to the very soil
Where the casket would lay
And he struggled and fought
To get the box to stay.
The scratches on the wood
And the thumping on the door
Left him kicking and screaming
Alone on the floor.
Tear stained eyes and pain stained situation
And the emotion of the moment
Made him lose concentration.
He was up with tears gone
And his thoughts had disappeared
And why he was crying at the burial
Was something he no longer feared.
The thoughts of a different future
Were something away he’d cast
Because he was now a stronger person
After burying himself, from the past.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 12

Common Differences: 5 Poems ~ Uwais Coetzee

Common Differences

They were complete and polar opposites
In every single way
And neither one of them ever knew
Exactly what to say.
The both had words in their heads
And both had words on a page
But both felt trapped and neither
One knew how to escape this cage.
They came from different backgrounds,
Came from different starts.
They had different minds
Had different hearts.
They knew different torture
Knew different pain
But both knew they loved
The smell of falling rain.
In the worlds of these two people
There were different beasts to tame.
But they did have one thing in common
They knew how to love the same.


They looked at different skies,
Looked at different seas,
Knew different yous,
Knew different mes.
They walked in different parks,
Walked in different streets,
Admired different heroes,
Knew different feats.
They took different pictures
And all in different frames
And they were both players
But in different games.
With his storyline going one way,
And hers going another,
Each one needing something,
Each one needing the other.
Not knowing how to find the thing,
Never finding the other one,
Felt like looking up on a clear day
And being unable to find the sun.
Like opening a door after walking through it
And not looking before crossing the street,
Their lives weren’t perfect,
Their lives were incomplete.
It was like jelly without the jiggle
And wood without the grain
And rain without the drizzle
And love without the pain.
Like the Yin without the Yang
Like black without the white
They both needed each other
To make it through the night.
They needed to have each other
In order to feel complete
But they’d walk through life
Never, ever to meet.

Dream thoughts

He awoke
With thoughts flowing through his head
And tears causing
The stains on his bed.
Having lost the
Dreams he had
And had woken up
Feeling a lot worse than bad.
He had felt depressed,
He had felt alone,
He felt isolated and
Completely on his own
Having lost what he had
In the dreams of the past
And if anything he knew
It wouldn’t last.
Because she had disappeared
When he woke up, it seems.
And she was only his
Girl in his dreams.

Everything was worse

The wind was a little slower
And the sky, less blue
And the waves a little higher
And the clouds greyer too.
The water a bit colder
And the grass a bit dryer
And you were more tired
Because the buildings seemed higher
And protagonists
Seemed sadder
And villains
Seemed gladder
And the alleyways seemed darker
And the lights were way less bright
And everyone and everybody
Struggled through the night
And everyone seemed sadder
Until the sunrise
Because everything was worse
Until she opened her eyes.

Reflection of Reality

Her hair shone in the sun
And he compared it to liquid gold
That flowed from the lake of heaven
But he was never so bold
As to talk to the angel he saw,
The one that was in his eyes,
And whenever her saw her
In his stomach would be butterflies.
The classic old love story,
The classical love tale,
The one involving a guy and a girl
Where love would never fail.
Where roses were red
And violets were blue
And sugar was sweet
And she loved you.
Where the moon was always full
And white doves always flew
Where she claimed it was love
And it would be true.
But this was not the case
Or so I was told
And her hair wasn’t comparable
To the liquid gold
And the roses weren’t red
And the violets weren’t blue
And sadly in this case
She didn’t love you.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 12

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Black Rose: 4 Poems ~ Uwais Coetzee

The Black Rose

In a world of red, white and pink
He was The Black Rose,
Destined to be different
From head to toes.
From sky to ground
He was separate from the rest,
He was forced to excel,
He was forced to do his best,
To get the recognition
The others got easily
And he knew he had
To work harder naturally.
To be ahead,
And to be on top
He had to make them wait,
He had to make them stop.
He gained the recognition
And became the one they chose.
He was the only one.
The Black Rose.

If Only

He closed his eyes and wondered:
Would the world still be fine?
If the things that made history
Had changed along the line.
If black was just a colour
And the plague was just a flu
And the ark wasn’t buoyant
And there was always me and you.
If spiders couldn’t kill you
And Hitler hadn’t felt that way
And Da Vinci couldn’t paint,
Would we have met that day?
If tigers had spots,
If Malcom didn’t care
And King hadn’t marched,
Could I still stroke your hair?
If the sea weren’t salty
And the sky weren’t blue
And love was just a feeling,
Would I have you?


Two people,
One with a pen and one with a blade
Each person, however,
Wanted to be saved.
One knew words
And one was without
But each in a way
Was spoken about.
A heart needing love
And one that loved too much
But each one, unfortunately needed saving
As such.
Saving as we all do,
Redemption from the pain
And all we ever do
Is try to stay sane.
A pain is difficult to escape
When it’s inside your head,
When it’s inside your mind,
When it follows you to bed,
When it eats your insides
And it dwells in your heart,
When it’s so constant,
You don’t know end from start.
So, the two people,
The pen, and the blade
In each of their hearts
Pain was made.
Each with their weapon
Of choice in their hand
Each choosing Lines
To make people understand.

Nobody is You

Sometimes we feel
that we aren’t good enough
that were always at the bottom
and that we aren’t good at stuff.
But I’m here to say
that you’re perfectly you
and I’m proud that you’ve reached this point
and I’m proud that you grew.
Nobody knows your life,
Your struggles, your kin,
Nobody knows your pain,
No one’s been in your skin.
No one knows what you go through
Every single day.
No one stops to sincerely
Ask if you’re okay.
But you’ve gone through life
No matter how hard.
And you’ll be there till the end.
And you were there from the start.
And you’ll go through every trial
And come out the stronger man
And you rose from every obstacle
Screaming ‘Yes, I can’
And you’ll be there till the end
And you were there from the start.
And nobody can ever be you
And that is your art.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 12